How do we work?

Do you have a meeting with foreign participants? Do you need professional translation services to ensure smooth communication during the meeting?



How do we work?

The first step is to provide us with detailed information about your meeting. This will help us determine the most appropriate type of translation for your event.


When you contact us, our office will ask some basic information about your meeting.


What languages will be spoken at the meeting?

How many people will be attending?

What type of layout are you planning for your meeting? If necessary, our office can also help you with this.

If your event is taking place in more than one room at the same time, such as a summit or congress, how many rooms will you need interpreters in?

What is the subject of your meeting?

Once you have answered these questions, we will decide on the type of translation required in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Depending on your meeting, we will provide one or more of the following services:


Simultaneous interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Liaison interpreting

Whisper interpreting


(Each option will take you to the description under our services section)


If you have any queries during any of these steps, please feel free to contact our office at any time. If you have any additional requirements, such as audio recording and transcription of the meeting minutes, you should inform us prior to the meeting as these services are subject to additional fees and royalties.

Once you have decided on the type of interpretation you require, you will receive a quotation. If simultaneous interpreting is the most suitable method for your meeting, you will need equipment such as a booth, headphones, microphone, sound system, interpreter console, etc. At your request, ANKA can also meet your technical and equipment needs. In this case, the necessary items will be sent to you together with the translation quote. If your meeting venue already has booths and technical facilities, this additional item may not be necessary.

Once we have sent you our quotation, we will ask for your written confirmation. Once we have received your approval, we will book interpreters who specialise in the subject matter of your meeting.

Your input is extremely important in helping our interpreters prepare for the meeting. Your programme, briefing notes, presentations, and speech texts, if available, will be very useful in helping our interpreters prepare for your meeting.


If simultaneous interpretation is the most appropriate method for your meeting, our technical team will visit the venue the day before the meeting to set up the equipment. We will also need detailed information about the venue, room and contact person.

On the day of the meeting, our interpreters will arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the meeting to carry out the necessary sound checks, meet the speakers, and exchange information.


Throughout their work, our interpreters follow the rules of TKTD (hyperlink, website link: and AIIC (hyperlink, website link: